Worker Comp & No Fault Follow Up

What makes Yuam Medline Health Solutions different in our billing of Workers Compensation and No-fault cases is our insurance carrier contacts.

As you are aware workers compensation and no-fault claims are handled by a single claims adjuster. Because collections is the biggest part of medical billing, our collections team stay on the phones with these adjusters. Over time we have built a solid business relationship with many of them. YUAM MEDLINE understands they are essential to our clients and our success.

The first step in our billing begins with calling the insurance carrier, to verify a patient's benefits. From our initial call we find out who the claims adjuster is. Then we proceed to make sure that the billing address and Claim/ Carrier Case numbers are correct. After that we find out if the case is open or closed.

What makes Yuam Medline Health Solutions different in our billing of Workers Compensation and No-fault cases is our insurance carrier contacts.

And last and most importantly, we find out what the case is established for. We feel that it is very important because sometimes patients go to the doctor's office complaining about things that are not on file with the insurance carrier (even though other complications can arise from the accident at a later date). This information gives our clients a heads-up on what treatments will be covered. It also eliminates the claim from being denied for treatments not related to the accident.

Yuam Medline Advantage on DME Billing

Customized to suit the needs of individual providers/practices our medical billing outsourcing services for Durable Medical Equipment are offered throughout the United States. Employing state of the art software and networking, we access client's databases remotely to check relevant data, while other information can be sent to us via fax or scan. Our tried and tested offshore DME billing services that are customized to our client's specific needs are listed below:

At Yuam Medline we work towards maximizing collections and patient revenue.

Well how do we?

  • By using legal maneuvering and state insurance policies to the advantage of the patient and the healthcare provider.
  • We submit the claims and update you once we receive a confirmation from Medicare.
  • By utilizing all the information at the hospital available at the time of discharge and further supplement information to increase the chances of clearance
  • Deploying trained experts, professionals and an 'in-house' counsel that specializes in these claims.

We specialize in:

  • Inpatient/Outpatient Workers Compensation and Billing Follow up
  • Inpatient/Outpatient No fault Billing and Follow up
  • Physicians Worker's Compensation and No fault billing and follow up.

Many healthcare providers and billing companies faithfully create invoices and then stagger when it comes to follow-up because of the lack of technology, time and personnel to follow-through. Our professionals have extensive experience in handling Workers Comp and No-Fault Follow-up as they are individuals who have worked in the insurance sector and in the healthcare Sphere.

Process of sending our claims

With our Program, once the medical provider signs the note and creates the claim in our EHR software the claim is then uploaded into our Workers Comp/No Fault claims processing program. The created claims are submitted to the Workers Comp Board, Workers Comp Insurance Companies and No-Fault Insurance companies within 7 to 10 days of the claim submission date. This is correct, 90-95%% of all our claims are received within this 7 to 10 days with an accepted status

Benefits of Timely Submission's

  • Improve collections and revenue
  • Reduce Timely filing rejections
  • Receive faster payments with all claims submitted electronically
  • Receive Denials notification's quicker while patients are currently being seen to help address insurance denials (Example Negative IMEs, Failure to attend Medical Examinations or incorrect policy\carrier case numbers)

Yuam Medline will work with your office to setup the correct fee schedules for the medical provider's location. Yuam Medline not only understands not only the medical billing side of the workers compensation process but we have a firm grasp on the operational workflows necessary to comply with all of the regulations.

If you need help with your Workers Comp Billing or No-Fault Billing. Don't lose any more money, reach out to our Billing experts.