Q-Why would they use YUAM Medline for the same service they are already providing?

A-In addition to our low rates & Quality services, you have our staff ¬ that comprised of the most knowledgeable and experienced individuals in the industry, you can expect less errors, less paper work and less stress when you choose YUAM Medline Health Services. We handle all the details for you, leaving you more time to focus on your patients and your practice.


Q- Why should I file electronically?

A- Electronic filing is definitely the way to go for a variety of reasons: It helps reduce human error as about 25% of all paper claims are delayed due to some sort of error, while electronic lings only have a rejection or error rate of about 2%; there’s a much faster return with electronic claims as they are considered priority and paid between 7-10 days; electronic claims save you an average of $7/claim to file; and processors need not re-key your claim into their system, which reduces adjudication errors.


Q- Are you compliant with HIPAA?

A- Yes. We are fully compliant with all of the HIPAA requirements and standards. Plus, we are knowledgeable and up-to-date on all the frequent changes to the rules and regulations.


Q- How long is the set-up process?

A- Once the contract is signed, the process generally takes 3-7 days. After reviewing your needs, we can provide a more accurate timeline.


Q- What if a patient has a billing question?

A- We have team who receive patient calls and provide them status of the patient bills.


Q-What happens with unpaid claims?

A- We follow up on every claim until the complete payment has been received. We send out as many statements as necessary to ensure that the payment is complete.


Q- What if a doctor needs to access a patient’s record?

A- To free up office space, we provide a cost-e¬ffective and secure Internet-based system that will allow you to now chart, code and share information with other providers and lab systems without the use of a phone fax in addition to running patient ledgers and other reports.


Q- How often are claims billed?

A- Usually within 24 hours of receipt of the claim.


Q- Can I check my billing balance?

A- Yes. You can do so online 24/7 through a secure login.


Q-Is the Kareo system your proprietary system? Can it only be used with YUAM Medline exclusively?

A-No, Kareo is a third party software which we will use for the entire billing process.


Q-Can a client purchase subsets of your services or will they be required to purchase the whole suite of services?

A-It’s actually depends on client requirement, we can provide services based on subset wherein we can do only billing OR AR follow-up as per requirements.


Q-Can you do this at a lower cost?

A-We can assure you best services at a very promising & competitive cost available in market.


Q- What specialties do you support?

A- We support all specialties.


Q- How Do I Know Your Employees Are Qualified?

A- All of our medical billers have at least 5 years of medical billing experience with a variety of medical specialties and possess a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree.


Q- Do I have to change any systems or software to use you, and do you provide Practice Management Systems (PMS) and Electronic Health Records (EHR)?

A- We work with whatever system you have, you do NOT need to change anything. If we do not have a system, we provide PMS and EHR, both for FREE. We also provide FREE clearinghouse services. We submit all claims electronically unless the insurance company requires a paper claim.


Q- Do you offer free trial?

A- Yes, we offer a 30 days free trial, you don’t pay if we don’t exceed your expectations.