Pharmacy Billing Services

Yuam Medline provides comprehensive and customized Pharmacy Billing Services to help you handle pharmacy management with great accuracy. Led by a team of experienced pharmacy billing specialists, with over 10+ years of pharmacy background, we operate the entire gamut of pharmacy billing from verification to claim preparation and from submission to follow ups - to improve the running and finances of your pharmacy business.

Our end-to-end pharmacy billing outsourcing services cover bundled payment modules for insurance claims, handling billing activities of home care services, non-clinical paperwork and billing assistance as required by Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement and Modernization Act (MPDIM).

We Provide a Range of Pharmacy Billing Services

Our pharmacy billing specialists are experts in:

  • Documentation for drug category review.
  • CPT codes and coding guidelines.
  • Awareness of all compliance audits, thereby reducing the drug coding errors.
  • Different processes for A-rated Generic Drug, Brand Name Drug, and Non-Preferred Drug, which helps us minimize rejections.
  • Creation of tailor-made statistical and analytical reports for the pharmacies.

Leveraging this expertise, we provide following pharmacy billing services:


Our trained and experienced pharmacy billing experts use latest billing tools to capture every minute detail pertaining to the patients such as their name, age, blood group, diagnostic reports, previous prescription and medical history.

Daily Census Updates

Our proficient census maintenance services allow you to automate the process of recording and producing critical related to the patient and payee whenever a medical claim is made. This gives you room to focus on your core functionalities.

Prior Authorization Data Management

Our pharmacy billing services are designed to complete all the authorization process beforehand. This eliminates the chances of disruptions or denials and ensures that the patients are covered at all times via a healthcare plan.

Refills Management

Our refills management services allow you to instantaneously process refills and send timely reminders regarding refills to customers. This will go a long way in building a mutually beneficial vendor-customer relationship.

Accounts Receivable Follow-up

Our accounts receivable follow-up services ensure that every service that you deliver is recorded and billed accurately. Our services also carry the burden of following-up with patients or vendors so that you can enjoy the benefits of timely and accurate returns.

Payment Posting

Our payment posting services helps you to drastically reduce the time spent on data entry and streamline the manual payment posting process.

Our Pharmacy Billing Process

As leading pharmacy billing company, we follow a meticulous process to reduce your billing woes. This can be outlined as follows:

  • We meticulously complete all documentation needed for prior authorization.
  • We provide customized billing statements in electronic versions.
  • We carry out Medicare Part D review for the right plan choice.
  • We communicate with you to keep you posted on Medicare Part D and Medicaid eligibility requirements and changes.
  • We record and bill services delivered to clients.
  • We bill insurers such as Medicare Part D and State Medicaid plans and other commercial insurances after carrying out eligibility verification.
  • We process refills quickly and send timely reminders regarding refills to customers.
  • We take care of authorization requests.
  • We streamline manual payment postings.

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