Insurance Verification:

The revenue cycle should begin prior to the patient’s arrival. As soon as the appointment is made, the patient’s insurance information needs to be verified. Because insurance information can change at any time, even for regular patients, it is very important for YUAM Medline to verify member’s eligibility each and every time services are provided. There are many benefits to obtaining prior to the patient’s arrival.

When verifying a patient’s insurance, YUAM Medline’s claim analyst always ask these 5 most important questions from insurance:

  1. What is the effective date of the patient’s policy?
  2. Is the coverage currently active?
  3. Is the diagnosis, procedure, treatment, or visit covered?
  4. Are there any limitations or policy exclusions?
  5. Does the procedure require prior authorization or predetermination?


That is where YUAM Medline Health Solutions comes in. We would like to help you. We want to make sure you get payment for the services you are about to do before the patient is seen.